Wednesday, January 9, 2008

One childhood dream came true.

Tuesday was a surreal day for me. Frankie was in town, and we discussed getting lunch via email, but Tuesday morning he called and for the first time in almost ten years I heard his voice. And it was weird. We met up in the old neighborhood, and when I first saw him I was floored. He hasn't changed an iota. When he wrapped me in a tender hug, I was relived that I just felt peace. For the first time ever I was not tongue tied around him. We had sushi and caught up. He asked me about my life, my plans, my daughter. I asked him about his life and plans. He will be in Ohio for one more week, so perhaps we shall meet up again. As we parted ways, he hugged me again, and kissed my cheek. Well really, it was more like my jaw. It felt great being around this person who is so much like me, who I shared so much important parts of my past with. And there was no awkwardness, no unease. Yes, he is still hotter than hell, drop dead gorgeous to be exact. If he was straight or bi, I wouldn't hesitate to flirt with him. And oddly, for a Gay man, a porn star even, he doesn't act it. He doesn't give off that vibe.

In a way though, it is as if a chapter of my life came to a close that day. The childhood dream and the reality face to face. I was kissed on the cheek by Frankie. I think I probably would have died if such a thing had happened when I was a teenager. Now it was just, wow, I didn't feel anything.

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