Monday, November 18, 2013

Three Actors I am watching now:

Jim Parsons

Most well known as Dr. Sheldon Cooper and the Human Walter in the Muppets, he did this little ad for fighting Cancer:

A very talented actor, with intense eyes. And a gay man in a committed relationship before you think of getting hot and bothered.

Matt Bomer

From Glee to White Collar, he has range.  There are numerous online petitions to get him to star in 50 Shades of Grey.  Defiantly going to see where he goes from here.

Another brilliant eyed Texan. Again ladies, he is happily committed gay man and father of three. But man, he has style and range.

And last but never least

Colin O' Donoghue

I first saw him in the Rite, a wonderfully scary movie, as the young priest.  But then this handsome Irish man won me over as Killian Jones, or I should say Captain Hook in Once Upon a Time.  Man, does he make pirates sexy!

And while he might be one good looking straight actor...alas ladies he is married.