Saturday, September 20, 2008

Last Nights Dream

I was walking around some sort of amusement park or fair.  There was this building with an open front that was supposed to be an optical illusion.  When I looked in I saw a tree, then I looked away and saw South American warriors, probably Mayan. I thought it was all the illusion, some horrific scene.  Then three of the men moved and said they were tired of standing there.  Odd.

So I continued on past Jamaican, Chinese, Japanese, and other themed buildings.  I paid little attention, other than thinking I should get a margarita.  But I had a goal and I was not sure what it was.  I entered into a building I was drawn to.  In it was a display of tarot cards that were nothing like the traditional.  Some were Irish Goddesses, some where vampires from history/fiction/actors who played.  There were ouija boards, dice boards for divination (and one set of bloodstone dice I admired), and jewelry of   all sorts of odd natures.  There were quite a few men in the shop, and they all acted like I had to prove I belong.  The proprietor acted like he expected me.  He wanted to help me find my answers.  He had everybody but me leave, and I was  at the end of the counter and there was a table with a display of metal jewelry and a welder.  I touched one of the necklaces, and accidentally bumped the table and the welder fell over.  but I got it picked back up, but burned my fingers.  The propreiter said not to worry about I saught answers that could be found here. 

Then my mom came in and woke me up asking me what time I had to work.

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