Monday, June 16, 2014

Dreams of two Bosses

Last month I dreamt that I ran into Mike, whom I for the life of me can't remember his last name, the GM of Steak N Shake on Ridge Road in 2004/05 when I worked there. In the dream he was divorced, working at a different restaurant as the manager, and all the servers said he was a huge flirt. When I woke up from the dream I tried to remember his last name, and checked to see if he was still the manager at Steak N Shake (he is not, the GM is a woman now according to the internet).  Not sure why, but I always felt he was trying to be my friend when I worked for him.  And I felt bad that after his wife fired me for calling off on a day I wasn't even scheduled to work but was demanded to show by her assistant manager when I was home with Madison after a car accident I never let him know how we were doing.  He cared.  The day of the car accident I was heading to the Parma location to pick up my pay check, he was refusing to put in my transfer to his wife's location...even though the district manager wanted me there for whatever reason so my paychecks were still at Parma.  And when I walked in, all shaken up, crying...with an injured 6 week old baby...he was concerned.  I never saw him again.  My last check was mailed to me, when I was fired for no-call no showing (even though I had called and said I wasn't coming in due to a car accident and doctor's orders to not leave my daughter in daycare while she had symptoms of possible wiplash).

Odd dreams...odd memories.

Last night I dreamt about Chris Byers.  Chris was the acting store manager at the Pearl road Taco Bell in 2000 when  I moved to Parma.  He hired me in as a Shift Manager, trained me, and we were a good team. We always had a lot of fun working together, and a lot of laughs. He wanted to set me up a few times, never accepting my claims of having given up men. We guzzled Code Red.  He was 19, I was 20 when we met.  He got his promotion to GM.  I got transferred to Day Drive and started training to be an assistant manager.  I left due to being stalked by not one, but two psychos (Bill who tried to Rape me, and Midnight stick boi who had), and moved back to Middlefield.  I returned to Parma in 2003, and Chris was still the GM on Pearl, when I returned to Day Drive as a full Manager (ie. second assistant but hourly pay not salary).  When I left Taco Bell, I heard that they gave Chris a brand new store they built at a new location. 

In my dream, I went to that Taco Bell...and it was set up almost identical to the Chardon store I had worked at.  Chris saw me and hired me back on the spot.  I showed up for a Sunday night shift, kids at home with a sitter.  I had a uniform, but no hat, no nametag, no idea how to make the new items, no idea how to use the new computer registers with all the new items.  And was totally confused.  He had dyed blond hair, and at one point came up behind me and made some rather flirtatious remarks.  I got even more confused.  I didn't see anyone on the board as closing shift manager, and he was getting ready to leave.  I asked what the hell was going on, the place was chaos....and he pinned me to the counter and ran his hands through my hair.  Really crazy dream. 

Why am I dreaming about former Male bosses?  Ones that I was never sure if were flirting with me or trying to be nice when I worked for them.  Last night's dream was very real.  The smells of Taco Bell.  The feel of people rushing around and bumping into me.  The warmth of a body at my back and hands in my hair.  For one moment in the dream I was aroused, and was floored to feel an erection at my back.  Of course, having my hair pulled is a turn on.  The dream ended when I was awakened by the kids, but I had just literally pulled him into the office to say "what the fuck is going on?  There is no manager tonight, just one closer besides me.  I have no idea what is going on with the people here, no idea about the new system or items.  And you are trying to get in my PANTS!"

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