Sunday, June 22, 2014

Review: True Blood Season 7 Episode 1 (spoiler lite)

Anyone who knows me knows that I am books over film adaptions.  This is very true when it comes to the world of Sookie Stackhouse in many ways.  The novels have long since ended, with Sookie getting her happy ending in a way that I figured it must have.  Tonight HBO's True Blood starts its final season.  Now, don't get me wrong I hate how far the story strayed in some ways.  In other ways, I appreciate that the show is much more like and AU fan-fiction than being an adaption for tv.

The episode starts off where we last saw the Bon Temps gang, hanging out at the Bar where Sookie used to work.  And oh, boy does the episode start off bloody.  And emotional.  The major character death in the per-opening sequence shocked me.

After the opening sequence it seems Sookie just can't catch a break.  Her telepathy really starts to finally show just how bad it can be.  Of course, she shows how naive she can be, yet again.  But Jessica's really stepping up to the plate.  Her devotion to guarding Andy's family can really be seen.

Pam shows her strength of character when she refuses to feed.  She has always been one of my favorite characters. 

Over all the episode was a strong start to what hopes to be a return to more normal storytelling.  And hopefully a lot less nudity and gore for their own sake.

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