Monday, June 23, 2014

Very Bad Dream

So I had a genuine nightmare last night. I drempt that I was at a hospital, waiting for prep for surgery.  Had to have my adenoids taking out, since my tonsils had suppressed their growth for years, and they had grown in and swollen since my last surgery.  I was waiting with Madison, and Unknown ( was blurry in dream) female relative.  After 1 hour of waiting I asked if I was going to get called back any time soon.  And some random nursing assistant left a cart next to me with iv needle tips that were about 8g I would say.  I ran to the desk, and asked what was going on.  The nurse in charge said the guy was just trying to freak me out, the irony of having piercings and tattoos and not being fond of needles in a medical setting.

Another hour goes by, and I call Tina to come get Madison.  Finally a guy in blue scrubs comes and says I am in the wrong place, come with him.  He walks us outside, saying so I can have a last smoke before going under the knife.  Walks us behind the hospital, and then knocks us out with chloroform  rags. We wake up in the back of a van, alone.  We can hear the kidnapper talking about where to take us for organ harvesting. We manage to pretend to be asleep, long enough to trick him when he checks in, and then leave to secure another victim.  He never checked us for cell phones, so I call 911 and she takes a picture of the van and license plate.  We make it back into the hospital and to security. 

That is when I woke up drenched in sweat.

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