Sunday, June 16, 2013

Healing Sensuality

We go about our daily lives denying our urges.  Religions we have grown up with or have chosen for ourselves to follow teach us that it is wrong to to be selfish and to take what we want from others.  Buddhism teaches that we have to control our desires, or at least that is what many westerners take from the teachings.  But in all mystic traditions there used to be an element of sensual revelry.   As the kundalini rises we find nirvana and are able to be one with the universe and heal both ourselves and others.  Sexual mysticism is something many western cultures fail to embrace.  Those who do are either labeled as odd ball dirty hippies or take it too far into hedonism and are seen as being cold bastards. The key is to embrace your sexuality and sensual nature as being a healing cleansing force.  To view any sexual act, even the kinkiest as being a holy communion of two beings.  Let your kundalini rise!  Dance the sacred sensual dances my friend.  Revel in your ability to give and receive pleasure.  Feed on that luscious energy so that you may be healed and in turn heal the world.

Feed deep my friends, and celebrate the darkness within!

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