Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What I want in a man.

What I want in a partner:
I want a man who is not going to be lead by me, yet will not expect me to be a 'stepford' wife.  I want a man who will share my life, and my experiences, yet let me have my own interests and quite self-reflection.  I want a man who as intellectual or more so than I myself am. He should feel the wanderlust that I do, have dreams that are big, and ambition that is even bigger.  He should be able to embrace both his masculine and feminine sides of his personality. He should be creative and aritistic.  Deeply spiritual and embrace the dark.  Sensual and experimental.  He should be a caring individual who helps those in need, and can relate to those down and out.  He should be classy, and have a nobility of spirit. 

Most of all he should want to share his life with me, and be able to be honest and upfront when his needs are not being me, and not only expect me to do the same but to call me out so to speak if I fail to hold up my end of the relationship. 

I want passion, and ideally marraige and monogamy even when I cannot admit to it.

I want my the dark stranger who haunted my dreams.

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