Thursday, January 8, 2009


Introduction to Extraversion

days you want to hang out by yourself, not answer the phone, and make
the world go away. The next day you e-mail everyone, schedule lunch
with a friend, and try to find an evening gathering to take part in. It
may be the phases of the moon, or something you ate; some days are just
like that. In actuality, your desire to be with others or to be alone
reflects something deep in your personality. Some of us are more
comfortable by ourselves or with one or two friends, while others of us
crave the crowd and can't stand it when the house is empty or the phone
doesn't ring. The following paragraphs describe your fundamental
desires about being with other people; whether you are generally an
outgoing person or more reserved, if you seek adventures with others,
if you tend toward assertiveness or kindness.

When it comes to Extraversion you are:


Words that describe you:

  • Sociable
  • Outgoing
  • Energetic

  • Lively
  • Communicative
  • Warm

  • Uninhibited
  • Assertive
  • Friendly

A General Description of How You Interact with Others

are a very sociable person, enjoy spending time with other people, and
seek their company. You are probably uncomfortable with an empty
calendar or an empty house. You like coming home to your family or your
roommate, but not to a dark living room when no one is there. You are
very outgoing; you seek out other people, arrange activities, organize
gatherings, anything that gives you an opportunity to be with your
friends. And when you're with them, you are full of energy. You add
liveliness to any situation. You talk and listen, participate in
whatever the activity is "a sport or a party or a walk in the woods"
and come away from such experiences pumped up by the time spent

You especially like to talk with your friends. You
bring energy and genuine interest to almost any conversation. When they
speak, you listen; and then you are eager to have your say as well. You
know how to connect in a conversation, using your energy, your
vocabulary, and your genuine interest in being with the other person.
You are at your best and are happiest in these experiences of real

One more thing about you. When you are in
these experiences of real communication with others, you really know
how to let yourself go. When you talk, when you play, when you
participate in some activity, you are unrestrained. You give all that
you've got to these moments, and because you like the experience so
much, your warmth comes through. It is clear to whomever you're with
that you're glad to be in just this situation. In these warm, wide-open
moments, you are you at your best.

Negative Reactions Others May Have Toward You

everyone will enjoy being with you. Because you are so outgoing, those
who want their share of the time in a conversation or who think their
contribution is worthy of as much focus as yours my find you too much
to take. "Talks way too much, and always wants to be the center of
attention" is a phrase others may use about you, sometimes to your
face, though more often behind your back. And some people simply might
get fed up with you.

Also, those whose personality is
quieter, whose idea of a good conversation is more low-key,
low-intensity, low-volume, may find they want some distance from you.
For them, you suck up too much of the air in the room, and they need to
walk away to breathe more comfortably. They might not say anything,
after all, they're not as communicative as you are, but by their
distance or their absence they'll let you know that sometimes you're
more than they can or want to handle. How you choose to respond will
likely depend on the situation but it is important for you to realize
some people may have this sort of response to you.

Positive Responses Others May Have Toward You

the other hand, many people will enjoy your company immensely. Your
warmth and liveliness will attract them to you, and your ability to
communicate with such unrestrained energy will draw them in and keep
them interested. They will appreciate your willingness to take the
initiative in planning an event or leading a conversation, and because
you come alive in a group you will make any social situation more fun
and more interesting for everyone involved.

If you sometimes
go over the top: talk too much, insist too intently on your own
opinions, get someone involved in an adventure that may be out of their
usual realm of behaviors, people who know you well will probably cut
you some slack because they understand that when you get wound up you
sometimes don't stop. It's just lively, energetic, outgoing you who
makes life so much more interesting for your friends.

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